About the Early Childhood Education Program
Early childhood education certifies students to work in early childhood centers in the state of Florida.

Early Childhood Education 1
This week we complete our Child Abuse module & will prepare for our midterm exam on Wednesday, March 16. Rules, Health, Safety, Nutrition, & Abuse will be included on the test.

Early Childhood Education 2&3
Our students are busy working at Flamingo Elementary, Flamingo Road Christian Academy and Children's Carousel. Aside from assisting their teachers, the students are collecting projects and pictures for their scrapbooks, doing class observations, & creating projects to use in their work with children. Our midterm exam will be on Wednesday, March 16.


For more information, email .


Early Childhood Education 4
Students are working at Flamingo Elementary, Flamingo Road Christian Academy, & Children's Carousel. They are also working on projects to use when working with young children & their employment portfolios. Their midterm exam will be on Thursday, March 17. Projects will be done to compliment their work in their classrooms.

Field trip forms for our "Cuddle Up to Books" trip to Little Leaders Learning Center have been sent home. Please return them ASAP! All parents are invited & we will be going on Thursday, March 31. Our Early Childhood 1 class has initiated a Pen-Pal program with the Headstart class at Flamingo Elementary. The students at both schools are enjoying writing & receiving letters! Students should let me know if they are planning to take the next ECE course in their sequence. I will be able to input the class for them.

If you need to contact me for any reason, there is a link to my e-mail on this website. You can also call me at 754-323-2400 ext. 3055 from 7am until 3pm.  

To schedule your 20 Hour & 10 Hour Childcare Certification Exams, you must call 1-888-375-EXAM (3926) Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM. You need to know your Social Security number to register. The tests will be given at Nova University. ECE 1 students will be taking the 4 part Introduction to Childcare Exam as well as Observation & Assessment. ECE 2&3 students will take DAP for the Young Child (prechool). High School students pay half the cost of the exam. ECE 1 students will pay $15 for both exams & ECE 2&3 students will be charged $5. Questions about the exams can be answered on www.my florida.com/childcare/training. Go to "View My Transcript" for questions about your status & to print certificates.